We develop high end original cookery/food titles for international sale through Elwin Street. Examples of some of the projects in development are:

TRANSLATION for the first time in English of the mother of French cooking Eugenie Brazier from the French with a preface by Paul Bocuse, original photos and new cooking shots. Bill Bruford called it his favourite book of all time in the Guardian. It is both a culinary and literary masterpiece about a legend, perhaps the legend, of French cooking, the only woman in the 20th century to have three Michelin stars (in fact six because she had two restaurants, both with the top award).

THE foods that changed the world…when Christopher Columbus and the other conquistadors discovered America they were looking for gold and silver but what they found – and what they brought back – was much more important…potatoes, corn, bananas, tomatoes. A massive tale of discovery, conquest and how everyday foods were taken around the planet and form the diet we all know today…

OYSTERS are older than us, older than grass, a vivid modern history of the world from the perspective of the oyster with lavish production of old masters paintings, early photography, the birth of graphic design, recipes, pearls…a completely different take on what is taught in school..

.A MODERN practical take on Italian food, the ingredients, the producers, the recipes…the world beyond bolognese from Turin to New York



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